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VEIT Garment Tunnel Finishers

VEIT Tunnel finishers are highly sophisticated serial finishing systems which when carefully integrated into the laundry process can produce excellent results and throughputs of up to 3000 pieces per hour.

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veit steam tunnel finisher

Tunnels are ideally suited to the processing of workware and staff uniforms where the Tunnels operating parameters can be optimised for the particular garment type.

With carefully controlled humidity, temperature and airflow garments are softened and then ironed with air whilst drying to set the finish. All of this can be achieved at remarkable speeds.

VEIT Tunnel finishers do not get tired or bored and finish each and every garment to the same high standard.

Energy Efficiency

The new generation of VEIT Tunnel Finisher sets revolutionary standards.

High Performance and Improved Finish Quality due to a series of cutting edge innovations

Steam Re-Cycling

veit steam re-cycling

All preconditioning modules are fully equipped with the VEIT steam recycling system. Previously wasted steam is rerouted and used for the following purposes:
• To preheat the preconditioning modules, allowing for decreased energy demand
• To ensure excellent finish results with high humidity, especially for natural fibers

Air circulation and exit modules

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Minimal energy waste is assured by:

. Utilization of air circulation mod- ules to dry the garments

. Reclaiming hot air in the air circulation modules, lowering energy consumption

. Use of an automatically adjustable exit module (optional), reducing heat loss

. Air curtain between the steam and air circulation modules, restricting steam from entering air circulation module

. Efficient heat generation with adequate heating element, requiring minimal energy consumption

Adjustable steam quality


veit adjustable steam quality

Adjustable steam pressure with revolutionary steam jets

veit steam nozzels

Provides for increased versatility:

high finish quality depends on adjustable
moisture content
• Moist steam for application to natural fibers
• Dry steam for application to synthetic fibers

Increased efficiency of steam application results in a significantly improved finish
• No streaking on even the most delicate fabrics
• New pressure valves regulating the steam together with the newly developed steam jets provide for a highly consistent steam application
• Even steam distribution and constant pressure on steam jets
• Recessed design of the steam jets, avoiding garment damage

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