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VEIT Shirt Finishing Equipment

The VEIT 8905 Collar and Cuff Press

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VEIT 8905 Collar & Cuff Press



VEIT – 8905 Collar & Cuff Press

Stainless Steel Hot Plate Buck Press
Vertical closing saves on floor space

Built-in vacuum aids accurate positioning

Hot Stainless Steel plates fully dry the collar & cuffs ensuring a perfect finish

Silicon Pad cover system prevents marks and button damage

Steam or Electrical Heating

Electrical connection 400v 50hz

0.6kW or 3.6kW

Steam consumption 8-10 kg/hour ½” 4-6 bar
Condensate connection ½”
Air connection 6mm 6 bar
Weight 190 kg
Size L / W / H 1450– 2250 - 1900
**Suitable for connection to central steam supply**


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