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VEIT Shirt Finishing Equipment

The VEIT 8326 Shirt Finsher

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VEIT 8346 Shirt Finisher






VEIT 2157 Hand Finisher

veit heat recovery saves energy


veit 2373 steam generator

VEIT – 8326 Shirt machine

Complete with pneumatic shoulder adjustment
Form cover and sleeve tensioner with both inside and outside tensioner for short and long sleeve garments

Accurate photocell height adjustment

Integrated vacuum to body assists loading time and gives consistent quality
As compared to its predecessor model, a lot of details regarding the airflow are improved and blowing power is increased. Drying performance is considerably higher now.
Retractable front clamp for ease of loading
The standard adjustable re-stretching function stretches the garment during steaming to improve the finishing result. The hem tensioning device is operated through an electric geared motor and toothed belt (Belt-Drive-System). Any movement can thus be exactly defined - unlike the more imprecise movements of a pneumatic cylinder. This effectively prevents overstretching and damage of your garments.

Easy function operating control unit with counter and all functions readily displayed

Connection electricity 400v 50hz 2.2kw
Steam consumption 30 kg/hour ½” 4-6 bar
Condensate connection ½”
Air connection 6mm 6 bar
Weight 270 kg
Size L / W / H 1040/840 – 2400 - 1620
**Suitable for connection to central steam supply**



Up to now, drying times had to be manually adjusted to suit each shirt, or a longer drying time was selected to make sure all types of shirts are sufficiently dried. VEIT has now developed the world's first automatic drying sensor for shirts (patent pending). This moisture control can measures the shirt's dryness and switches off the blower as soon as the shirt is completely dry. Your benefits: Much shorter cycle times (depending on type of fabric) Considerable energy savings. No waste of energy - only the energy needed for drying is used! Lower cost per piece because of energy savings Less heat radiated to the surroundings

eMotion Condensate System

Steam traps always cause some losses - their extent depend on the type of condensate trap. A certain amount of steam and condensate escape. The new condensate system regulates steam separation through set parameters to prevent any steam from escaping. This, in turn, reduces losses and allows the use of a smaller steam generator to operate the machine. When used with eMotion Condensate System, a steam generator of only 20 kW is enough to operate the VEIT 8326 Shirt Finisher and the VEIT 8905 Collar-and-Cuff-Press, with only a moderate increase in drying times.

VEIT Hand Finisher 2157

This small iron is used for drying and touch up of pockets and appliqués during the drying cycle.  
Important for an excellent finishing result - almost as good as hand ironing.  







Optional Heat Recovery System can save 25% on running costs  








No Steam? No Problem with the VEIT 2373 Steam Generator 30kW/41kg steam/hr easily sufficient for the 8326

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