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VEIT Garment Finishing Equipment

The VEIT 8319 Universal Garment Former and Shirt Finisher

VEIT Technology for Garment Finishing

VEIT – 8319 Universal Finisher


VEIT 2157 Hand Finisher Optional 2157 hand finishing iron

VEIT 8319 Universal Finisher

Wet cleaned and Dry cleaned garments can be finished on this machine without problems
Special cut and air permeability of the cover guarantees quick drying
Interchangable front clamp for Shirts & Blouses and Suit Jackets etc.
Automatic height adjustment controlled by photocell
Integrated vacuum to body assists loading time and gives consistent quality
Exceptionally good with small ladies blouses
Easy function operating control unit with individually adjustable controls for hot air and steam
Connection electricity 400v 50hz 1.2kw
Steam consumption 30 kg/hour ½” 5-6 bar
Condensate connection ½”
Air connection 6mm 6 bar
Weight 270 kg
Size L / W / H 1500/1100 – 2000 /1700

**Suitable for connection to central steam supply**


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