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VEIT Garment Finishing Equipment

The VEIT Ironing System - developed for Industrial Ironing

Veitronic Control System

VARIOSET S+B Control System
Benefits for any garment finish:
The Standard Veitronic Control System Will Help You Save Money
All electronic irons require an additional control system for temperature control.
The Veitronic, a standard feature in any Varioset S + B, is available at no extra cost!

VARIOSET Dress Board CR2 Ironing Table

CR2 default point right assembly

showing optional post spotting arm

VARIOSET CR2 + CR4 Table Ironing Tables


All-Purpose Ironing Station with suction and blow
An all-purpose ironing station offering all the Veit features. Ironing surface CR2 (bottleneck) 1400 x 500 x 300 Point right CR4 (dress form) 1100 x 320 Point left
Specially designed ironing surface, allows for rapid, rational processing of trousers, dresses, skirts, coats, blouses, jackets and other garments
With overhead lighting, swivel arm & sleever buck, hanger suspension, chain and empty hanger rail

Accessories include:
HP2003 Veitronic 1250W iron with hose support, steam guard, teflon shoe, teflon steam hose and VEIT 2210 free standing steam condenser unit



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