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Welcome to BOWE and VEIT Laundry, Dry Cleaning & Finishing with Service Machinery Limited

Premier Laundry, Wet Cleaning and Dry Cleaning Finishing Equipment Suppliers

SML are here to provide sales, service and support to our customers in the Laundry and Dry Cleaning Industry with top quality products such as those from BOWE and VEIT.

SML has supplied and continues to support the dry cleaning and laundry operation of one of the largest Mens Formal Hirewear operations in the counrty. What we have learned there can have a directly beneficial effect on your business.

SML supplied a single outlet Wedding Dress and mens formal hirewear company in Bristol the equipment and training required to bring garment cleaning in-house.Read more here

Dry Cleaning or Wet Cleaning. It's up to you but whichever way you decide we can help with equipment and expertise.

As well as cleaning equipment we can offer OZONE treatment machines which freshens the garment, completley remove odours often meaning cleaning is not required. Which can mean huge cost savings.

BOWE have been making Dry Cleaning machines since 1947 and are renowned for the quailtiy and efficiency of thier products. The Dry Cleaning machines are complimented by Wet Cleaning now so the choice of cleaning method can now be made based on the type of soiling to be removed and not just the garment care label.

VEIT GmbH began to manufacture garment finishing equipment for the garment industry and have developed a range of models including Garment Formers and Shirt Machines specifically for the laundry and dry cleaning sector. We can also offer expertise in VEIT Tunnel Finishers which in the past have normally been found in manufacturing and refinishing plants.

If you think Tunnel Finishing is not for you, think again. These are not traditional Laundry drying Tunnels but are highly sophisticated serial finishing systems which when integrated properly into the laundry, or dry cleaning, process can produce extreemely good results and garment processing rates of up to 3000 pieces per hour!

How many shirts a day do you need before you must have a Shirt Finisher?

I'll wager it's less than you think. To find out visit our Payback Calculator or see the VEIT Product pages for details for Shirt Machine details.





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