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Working with our manufacturing partners (ILSA, Miele or BOWE) SML can make it possible to wet clean practically all materials.

Wet Cleaning is more appropriate, and more hygienic than Dry Cleaning for some soiling and with care in the processing and good marketing can be a very profitable business. Because the cycle times are almost half of that used in dry cleaning a pair of 14kg machines can produce enough work to keep one operator busy all day. The same machine can also be used for traditional laundering such as duvets, shirts etc or specialist cleaning & processes such as UGG boots or NikWax proofing, adding to its usefulness and customer appeal.

Just as important as the washing process to successful wet cleaning is garment finishing and drying. Using the Kreussler 'Lanadol' process, first announced by Kreussler in 1991, sensitive garments are dried for a few minutes in a tumble dryer which will remove most of the wrinkles caused by the spin cycle. The Lanadol 'Dry' process takes this a stage further drying to 5% RM leaving just enough moisture to make the garment easy to finish.

(nb. Kreussler continue further development of the LANADOL wet cleaning products and a perfect example is that even special demands such as disinfection of sensitive outerwear at 20 C 40 C in accordance with RAL 992/4 can be successfully integrated into the concept of wet cleaning.)

The next step depends on the garment and fabric type but a suit jacket would normally go straight to a former, such as the VEIT 8363 and trousers or jeans to a topper such as the VEIT 8741 and when finished would need just an hour or so in a warm room to finish airing.

SML will provide expert training in garment selection, stain pre-treatment, wet cleaning program selection and garment finishing & drying completely free of charge to all customers who purchase their Wet Cleaning set-up (of 14kg capacity or more) from us.


ILSA have recently introduced a range of washer and dryers designed to perfectly complement the dry cleaning operation. These machines are also capable of operating a complete 'Wet Clean' service where required.

We can provide complete shop sets for 'Wet Cleaning' using ILSA Wet Cleaning Solutions machines, VEIT finishing equipment and Kreussler chemicals.

VEIT finishing equipment such as the 8363 Multiform seen to the left is equally at home finishing Dry cleaned or Wet cleaned items. VEIT 8362
Kreussler have developed a range of chemicals which are specially formulated for cleaning with water.
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