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BOWE Heat-Pump Tumble Dryers

BOWE Heat-Pump Dryer


Due to be launched at Texcare Frankfurt this year the BOWE Laundry Line has been extended to include Tumble Dryers based on Heat-Pump Technology and they are now available in the UK. Available in 11, 16 or 23kg capacities, these dryers use the same technology which is found in dry cleaning machines a design which draws on the 70 years experience BOWE have in building machines renowned worldwide for thier robust construction and quality.

These dryers have a small heating element to add some heat at the begining of the cycle and then use a 'Heat-Pump' draw heat from the room and then to recycle that heat for drying.
Air is 100% recirculated with the moisture being removed by the cold side of the heat pump.
These dryers need no exhaust ductwork and produce warm water during cooldown which can be reused for washing.
All dryers in the Heat-Pump range have sophisticated controls so can perform in a dry-to-dry wet-cleaning process.
Compared to an Electrically heatd dryer a 23kg machine can save over £5000. Click here for the brochure and Here to calculate your possible savings!

BOWE launch iLine Range in Frankfurt

BOWE iLine


Launched at Texcare Frankfurt last year the BOWE iLine has been undergoing field trials and is now ready to come to the UK. Available in 12, 15 or 18kg capacities, in slim or wide formats, Steam or Electric heat and a choice of Perc or MultiSolvent® versions capable of using any of the 'alternative' solvents such as SENSENE™, the iLine is a completely new design which draws on the 70 years experience BOWE have in building dry cleaning machines renowned worldwide for thier robust construction and quality.

iLine not only shares many design features with the well known BOWE PremiumLine there are also many components common the the two ranges. Some things like the loading door are obvious but the quality goes much deeper than that extending to the choice of AISI 316Ti, Titanium enriched Stainless Steel for the distilation components so that a very long service life is guarenteed.
Click here for the brochure.


Please visit BÖWE Textile Cleaning GmbH for details of the BÖWE Showroom where you can see 8 dry cleaning machines with 6 different solvents in one place with live monitoring of energy usage. It is a unique place to compare the new solvents and experience what is different about BÖWE.

DOW Launch New Solvent at Texcare Frankfurt

ILSA Sensene Alcohol Based Dry Cleaning Solvent


SENSENE™ Modified alcohol is the new solvent for textile cleaning from Safechem and Dow, the leading manufacturer of modified alcohol solvents worldwide. SENSENE™ has been tested on various dry cleaning machines working closely with the operators of the industry and trusted shops.

Sensene™ Independent Testing

At the request of Safechem CTTN* conducted a test programme on soil removal, greying and colour fastness in comparison to Hydrocarbon solvent (HCS) and Perchloroethylene (PCE).

The tests were conducted with SENSENE™ in an ILSA Senza Top, with PCE in a Union XL828S and with HCS in a Union 8012S. All machines were loaded with a Polyester/cotton mix at a load ratio of 70% capacity and a standard two bath, filtration programme was run. Three test pieces, of each soiling type, were included in each load and each test was repeated three times. The results, we think, speak for themselves.

Soil Removal:

The test of soil removal with pigments and fats on wool, cotton and polyester are conclusive. The dry cleaning process using SENSENE™ shows a higher cleaning effect and generally above that achieved by PCE and HCS.

Sensene stain removal

Greying effect:

Greying is the re-deposition of soil on the textiles during the cleaning cycle. Packs of pigment/oil soils were added to the textile loads and scattered in the drums and in the solvent baths during the cleaning process. The results with SENSENE™ are generally close to the results obtained with PCE. The difference between SENSENE™ and HCS is quite marked, particularly on Polyester.

Sensene greying effect

Colour fastness:

The results for the colour fastness tests were quite similar for each of the cleaning processes, showing very good colour fastness, but SENSENE™ did show a small but measurable advantage.

SENSENE™ is made to delight your senses and can be used in universal application in the modern textile and leather industry. It combines high solvency power to remove stains with the gentle touch needed for the cleaning of delicate material, fully meeting the needs of the most demanding operators. MultiSolvent® machines such as the BOWE iLine and PremimLine M series are flexible enough to enable use of the new solvent without any hardware changes, needing only adjustments to the machine safety and operational parameters.

Increased cleaning efficiency, high compatibility for garments, minimised bacterial accumulation and easy finishing due low wrinkling are the main benefits seen in the real world field testing using SENSENE™

Compared with traditional ‘alternative’ solvents SENSENE™ has higher cleaning power and is easier to dry. Meaning quicker cycle times, lower running costs and higher profits.

With BOWE machines from 9 to 70kg industrial behemoths BOWE have dry cleaning with SENSENE™ covered.

BOWE to Launch New Machine at CleanEx Ascot

bowe 30 kile multisolvent dry cleaning machine greenearth or hydrocarbon


BOWE Textile Cleaning GmbH of Germany will launch their new Dry Clening machine at the LCT CleanEx show on April 29th at Ascot racecourse.

We hope to see you there and have the chance to show you why a BOWE machine is different.

SML appointed as agent for Rotondi Finishing equipment

bowe 30 kile multisolvent dry cleaning machine greenearth or hydrocarbon


Rotondi of Italy have appointed Service Machinery Limited as agent for thier wide range of finishing equipment.

Rotondi offers a complete range of ironing tables, garment formers, shirt finishers and steam generators and many of these products are now available to purchase direct from our online shop

Please call Stephen Pick on 0845 680 1792 if you have any questions regarding the availablity of Rotondi equipment.

Spares Online

bowe starline perc dry cleaning machine


Service Machinery Limiteds Online Shop is now open for business.

As well as common service parts for BOWE machines we've added irons & other small items and would love to hear from you with suggestions for products to stock.

Rest assured your security was a prime consideration in site design and for this reason all payments are handled directly by PayPal and we never see your card details.

Call Stephen Pick on 0845 680 1792 if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Online Shop.

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