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BOWE LaundryLine Washer/Extractor

Features and benefits

  • Built in stainless steel
  • Doorlock with security system
  • Frequency inverter drive
  • No fixing to the ground needed
  • Programmable microprocessor controlled (MP models)
  • 16 standard washing programs and possibility to create another 84, freely selecting all variables (temperature, spinning speed, etc.)
  • Graphic screen to follow wash and programming phases
  • Keyboard for easy programming and operation (8 keys)
  • PC RS-232 output
  • Program from PC or to transfer programs
  • Detergent box with 4 compartments (prewash, wash, bleach and softeners)
  • Up to 7 dosing signals. 3 Water inlets
  • Possibility to incorporate an automatic dosing unit easily from the back of the machine
  • WET CLEANING: system included
  • Water levels totally modifiable
  • Possible manual dosing of the 7 signals during washing
  • Minimum wash speed: 15 r.p.m.
  • MinimumON-OFF sequence: 1 second
  • Heating alternatives
    Electric, Steam or Hot water.

Available with Standard or Programmable microprocessor controls

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