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BOWE Ironing Equipment

Top quality European made Ironing Tables

VEIT Technology for Garment Finishing

BOWE Princess Table



BOWE Princess Ironing Table

Wet cleaned and Dry cleaned garments can be finished on this machine without problems
Heated surface 140x50x32cm
Point Left or Point Right operation.
Suction, Blowing and Up-Steam available
Integrated boiler available
Height Adjustable in 5 steps
Excellent value for money
Base Vacuum Table £1500
Blowing unit + £220
Up-Steam + £220
Integrated Boiler 6kW + £690
Swing Arm with Heated Sleever + £210
Overhead Lighting with suspension + £100
Steam/Electric Iron 800W + £125
Spotting Arm & Steam/Air gun + £525

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