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Bowe Dry Cleaning and Laundry Equipment

Bowe PremiumLine


The Bowe SI-70 is a well know industrial workhorse which can be built to suit the task required. Whether it be workwear, mats, gloves or carpets the SI-70 can clean and de-grease highly effectively with minimal solvent usage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Bowe InduLine scales up the technologies first seen in Bowe's PremiumLine range and is without doubt the worlds most technologically advanced industrial dry cleaning machine available today. Built from modular components the InduLine can be configured to suit the cleaning task and solvent required. Whether it be Perchloroethylene, Hydrocarbon, Greenearth, Rynex, K4 or other alternative sovents BOWE's PremiumLine Technologies allow you to cope with loads of up to 200kg in a drum 2000mm in diameter. And with automated loading & unloading options handling these enourmous loads is easier than ever.

With Bowe solvent recovery technology and energy efficencies Dry Cleaning is arguably a more environmentally friendly the washing with water and remains by far the better de-greasing method.


  Dry Cleaning Wet Washing
Wash Medium
Disposed of as waste
Low Volume Concentrated
High Volume Dilute
Wash Temp
Heat Pump Energy Recovery
Tumble Dryer vent to atmosphere
Dry to Dry (one machine)

Wet Transfer

(two Machines)




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Bowe LaundryLine

Industrial Scale Washers, Extractors & Dryers

Washers up to 120kg

Dryers up to 125kg

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