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Bowe Textile Cleaning Machines

Bowe 6th Generation PremiumLine and iLine


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BÖWE has more than 70 years’ experience in the design and development of perc dry cleaning machines. Thus, you have all the advantages of this classic solvent with the warm feeling of having everything under control with BÖWE machines.

The new BÖWE 6th Generation dry cleaning machines are offered at very favourable prices, due to most modern production technology (flow assembly), modular construction, and use of standardised components - and also operate very economically and in particular the iLine dry cleaning machineis the expression of this aim.

With the new PremiumLine load level sensor, optimised Power Drying System and intelligent processing technology we have reduced energy consumption by up to 25 %. Further, with use of the SLIMSORBA Active Carbon Recovery unit up to 30 % cooling water can be saved when drying and solvent consumption reduced to very low levels.

BÖWE PremiumLine machines are available for use with Perc or in MultiSolvent® version for solvents such as Hydrocarbon, Greenearth or the new Synthetic Alcohol solvent from DOW, SENSENE™ in capacities from 12 to 30kg.

BÖWE can also build you a machine for dry cleaning on an industrial scale. Click for more details.


Please visit BÖWE Textile Cleaning GmbH for details of the BÖWE Showroom where you can see 8 dry cleaning machines with 6 different solvents in one place with live monitoring of energy usage. It is a unique place to compare the new solvents and experience what is different about BÖWE.



BÖWE Laundry & Wet Cleaning Machinery

BÖWE LaundryLine

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Bowe Laundry Equipment

A range of wet cleaning machines developed to extend and enhance the BÖWE brand. Suitable for a wide range of commercial laundry tasks as well as specialised Wet Cleaning applications with capacities from 10 to 120kg in Low, Medium and High Spin variants.

Bowe Washer Extractor

BÖWE LaundryLine Washers

Bowe Tumble Dryer

BÖWE LaundryLine Dryers

Please see the Bowe LaundryLine Brochure for more details of the LaundryLine



Bowe Finishing and Bagging

Bowe LaundryLine Ironing and Packaging

Bowe Laundry Line Finishing Equipment

A range of European made ironing tables and finishing equipment which share the BOWE brand qualities of rugged construction and optimised design. Suitable for a wide range of finishing tasks from Laundries to High Street dry cleaners as well as specialised Wet Cleaning centres.

Bowe Ironing Tables

Ironing Tables

Bowe Hawo Packaging Machines

Please see the Bowe LaundryLine Brochure for more details of the LaundryLine

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